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Prime Social’s experts know how to help your Pinterest expand and grow your business. We are dedicated to making sure that your Pinterest account will have the best functionality even if you’re away and doing other things related to your business. Here are some of the services Prime offers:


Pinterest Do Over​
In order to become a high performing account, it's important to have an account do over or jumpstart wherein there are changes to be made. Such changes would most likely include the name and the description, plus creation of boards and cover designs. Finding the right pins and group boards are also part of this service.

Pinterest Management
Management of your Pinterest account includes finding the perfect the pins that your audience will be interested in. These pins should also have value according to your ideal audience, and we will work together in order to have quality pins you will share for your account’s success.
Our team of experts will help you start over by working with you on the designs you would need. We will provide a Pinterest template that will fit your brand to promote your products and services.
Account Maintenance
​Prime is dedicated to giving you the best service and we are going to help you build your brand by updating and maintaining your Pinterest account with the inclusion of the right keywords, descriptions, and pins for the profile. Changes will also be made when software update is available.
Analytics Report
You may request an analytics report in PDF format from us. This report will contain your follower counts, the performance of your profile and your pins, and any more tips to improve. This way, you will be able to identify what your audience likes and needs.