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There is no question about LinkedIn’s power as a platform and if managed the right way, it can represent a stream of leads constantly. For business in every sector, the lead generation campaigns are incredibly valuable.

What are LinkedIn Campaigns?

LinkedIn Campaigns

This strategy will work for businesses that are not as marketable on social media platforms. For this to be successful, engaging and shareable content is needed. LinkedIn helps you connect with people that you need to have conversations with.


Six Stages of Effective LinkedIn Management:


Optimization of your profile

Your profile will serve as your CV so it should leave a lasting impression. Here are some rules you should follow:


- Must contain a professional and clear headshot;

- Your summary must your experience and expertise;

- Your previous and existing roles must be related so you will attract people;

Getting your LinkedIn profile perfectly is the best starting point of a LinkedIn campaign.

Targeted and Advanced Search

This can be quite time-consuming, but with LinkedIn’s advanced search, you will find your target audience because it will give you a list of potential clients. One way to find who you are looking for is to know the job title.


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The first approach


The first approach must be carefully made. This is the key to a lead generation campaign – to have a response. Well-worded approaches will help you find the right people to connect with. This is something you should not skip.

Approach further


Most people you contact for the first time don’t always respond, and what you can do is to approach for the second or third time. This shows that you don’t easily give up and it would also make the person take a second look because they know you really have something interesting.


A Call to Action


When you get the lead you want, you must have a call to action. It could be a phone call or a brochure.

Our job is to find people you will need for your business. You will ultimately do the rest.


Keep tabs on your actions

Whatever technique you used whether it’s a spreadsheet or a system, you must record this to help you know where you got it right. Analysing your steps is important especially if you are going to do some follow ups.


LinkedIn Management is a service that we deliver for a range of clients.

LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn Management is one of the services Prime Social offers. We have worked with numerous businesses (here are a few examples), and a lot of these businesses find LinkedIn to be the platform for them and they are mostly B2B businesses that has a difficulty generating great engagement over social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

LinkedIn management might be great for your business if:

  • You’re not very familiar with the platform;

  • You simply don’t have enough time to run a lead-generation campaign;

  • You have difficulty finding potential leads;

  • You know the right people you need to find on the platform.

On Measuring ROI of LinkedIn

A lot of people think that it’s impossible to measure the ROI of social media – but for us, that is just untrue. LinkedIn campaigns can be measured, and we will find ways for you to have a tangible number of qualified leads. Using this, you will be able to have an idea of your return.

To be able to proceed with LinkedIn management, it is incredibly important to identify clear goals as well as the activity including the success rate. This way, you will know how useful it is and figure out how you could improve.

Prime Social’s role is to make sure to be the aid you will need to manage your LinkedIn campaigns.