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Prime Social's SEO packages are pre-selected service offerings designed to make the initial decision-making process easier for clients. These packages provide a simple way for customers to compare SEO services.
In some instances, however, customization of these SEO packages is required in order to address the specific needs of your business. We will work with you to identify the shortest path to higher rankings and SEO success.

Website SEO Audit

When we talk about SEO audit, it can be quite complex. The spectrum for SEO audit could only require a few pages long or could require dozens. When you work on a comprehensive website SEO audit, it should address even the smallest elements of a website because if not, it could do more harm than good.

Which is why SEO audit is necessary.

The basic SEO audit addresses the basics. Our team will make sure that we would be able to provide a guide on making the website more search engine friendly, and at the same time make improvements in content, link development, and most of all the strategy.

However, an SEO audit can only do so much in terms of website rankings. Our services will work on the implementations but these do not guarantee that there will be instant results. SEO results would take time and would of course require maintenance diligently.

On-Page SEO

Also called on-site at times, this process is about doing the necessary changes after doing the SEO audit. As an SEO company, our job is to implement these changes that are also part of our packages. The fundamental elements including page titles, headings, content, and link structure are just some of those that we aim to address.

Of course, there’s the basic and comprehensive services. The basics involve recommendations and implementation just like what was mentioned while the comprehensive involves not just implementation but monitoring results as well.

We recommend that your website content would be updated from time to time even with evergreen content because it helps uncovering any problems that could potentially be a bigger problem along the way.

SEO Content Development

Part of our services also include SEO content development wherein we help to create website content in different forms. These may be blogs, articles, essays, tutorials, web tools, infographics etc. The content depends on your niche or what will only suit on your website.

SEO content that high quality can impact search engine greatly as it helps build your brand’s presence.

SEO content writing is a service we can also provide which will be well written, well researched, useful, and of course, interesting.

Link Development

SEO or Search Engine Optimization’s most talked about topics is link development. Backlinks, being the most important element in SEO campaigns. However, these are also incredibly time consuming and expensive (others are offering these at a much, much lower rate but you need to be careful about this), so a lot of business owners just settle for less.

Prime is committed to giving you the best service. We provide good quality links and good quality article directories. We also focus on quality and not quantity, and we make sure that the links we provide are well-researched and educational, not to mention, interesting.

Code Optimization

Code optimization is another of Prime’s services that involves your website HTML’s renovation or repair. When you optimize the HTML of your website, it could greatly impact the search engine rankings because it helps your website’s content to be user-friendly and at the same time, it could decrease the code clutter. Your website would also improve its load time which is always a good thing for potential customers.

Prime’s comprehensive SEO campaign will have these elements as well as other useful services which includes keyword research, ranking and traffic reports, and conversion tracking.